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Brand Packaging in the Greater Portland Area

Complete Custom Product Packaging in the Greater Portland Area

To maintain success, it’s important to set your business apart in the crowded marketplace. A great way to highlight your operation's uniqueness is with targeted branding. Seabridge International Packaging helps businesses like yours put a unique spin on containers, displays, labels, and more. We do this by creating innovative brand packaging in the greater Portland area and shipping it all over the world. Our staff has decades of experience providing custom packaging products for shippers and manufacturers the world over.

The packaging we create is colorful, durable, and proportionally sized for your goods alone. Our goal is to match you with the perfect solution for your schedule, budget, and brand, and we make that possible by working with suppliers all over the US and Asia. Your brand will receive maximum exposure that ensures customers recognize and remember.



In addition to innovative product packaging solutions, Seabridge International Packaging has eco-friendly options too. This is both good for the planet and good for attracting environmentally conscious customers. You can place bulk orders with us and have full confidence that your items and image are in the best of hands.

To ensure our products exceed your expectations, we work closely with your marketing department during the development stage. Together, we create the perfect graphics and custom packaging that meet both your functional and design needs. Available options include a graphic design display that adds a new dimension to your packaging and makes it a standout. Whatever you choose, your packaging will keep your items safe throughout the logistics process while always promoting the logo and name that you want to be associated with your products.


Our custom packaging products have a range of uses beyond shipping. You can use them to organize goods inside your store in a nifty arrangement. If you’re selling clothes, distinctive hangers can help your items pop. We have the resources and creativity to make your packaging ideas the real thing. 

Contact us for custom packaging options that also serve as advertising and marketing tools for your company. We proudly serve Portland, OR, and surrounding areas.