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Your First Choice for Custom Labels in Portland, OR

Product labels don’t have to be just annoying stickers that customers struggle to peel off their purchases. Instead, labels can be an effective, informative, and eye-catching way to promote your products and ensure that they are ready for shoppers. With custom labels in Portland, OR, you can take your product sales to the next level.

Seabridge International Packaging helps companies connect with their customers. We design and create custom packaging that elevates your brand while also defining the product experience. With our skill and experience, you have everything you need to leave a lasting impression on the people you serve. Explore your custom labeling options and discover the possibilities.

Ready For Retail

As a retailer or manufacturer, it can be easy to concentrate primarily on the products that you’re selling. The next element that many focus on is the packaging in which the products will be sold. However, there is a third important step that many retailers forget about: labeling their products.

Seabridge International Packaging is known for creating attractive and high-quality custom labels for a wide range of products. Our labels not only look fantastic but also include every detail that a potential buyer is looking for, such as sizing, pricing, and more. Additionally, we offer exterior UPC label services for any sellers looking to add their products into their computer and price scanning systems.

Finish the Presentation with Custom Hang Tags

Getting new things should be an exhilarating experience. Since the packaging is one of the first things customers will notice with a product, it is a smart investment to create eye-catching pieces that leave an impression. That’s where custom hang tags come in.

Hang tags are a cost-effective way to create attractive packaging. They pair well with labels and can promote your products. Since they are faster to produce, they are a good choice if your marketing budget is limited.

When you choose our team, you won’t have to worry about creating a low-budget presentation. We work with you to create custom hang tags that will generate attention in all of the right ways. From design to color scheme, we handle all of the details. In addition, we have fast turnaround times. Hang tags allow you to ship a product to market or change its branding quickly.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in Portland, OR, for more information about our custom labels. One of our packaging professionals will be happy to answer all your labeling questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.