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Graphic Design in Portland, OR

Complete Custom Product Packaging in the Greater Portland Area

The global marketplace is extraordinarily competitive. Unless you set your business apart from all the others in the same industry, you could be left behind. While investing in custom advertising and marketing is a step in the right direction, you need to provide your advertising campaign with easy to remember attributes. That’s because people tend to remember images, lettering, and symbols more than specific statistics. When you have a product to sell, we can help you make sure it gets noticed.

SeaBridge International Packaging is your solution for distinctive displays and eye-catching containers. When you want to attract potential customers and give your brand the polish it deserves, work with us to make any item stand out in stores. Contact us today for a wide range of options when you need custom product packaging and graphic design in Portland, OR.

Where a product is located and how it is displayed can play a huge part in its marketability. If you need something sold, it needs to be featured in the best ways possible. Attention-grabbing packages typically feature vibrant colors, shapes, and logos. These eye-catching characteristics make shoppers want to learn more about these products and potentially purchase them. Increase interest in your company's products with custom packaging from our firm.

Our work is about more than filling in an obligatory step along the production process. The branded boxes and packaging you use have a distinct impact on your products. From protecting the physical items on the shelf to serving as instant advertising at critical points of purchase, we tailor our services to support your success in today’s competitive market.

The marketing aspect, known as branding, is how we make your products recognizable. The great thing about brand packaging is that it continues to pay off long after its initial launch. When you order custom labels from us, you get unique packaging that customers instantly become familiar with.  Recognizable quality is essential because you want to make sure shoppers can easily find your merchandise in a crowded field.

The Right Option for Your Product

Thanks to our experience with custom packaging products, we offer a diverse array of choices for our customers. Some of our available options include:

  • Boxes -- Our robust boxes include tissue, product information booklets, and exterior UPC labels.
  • Hangers -- Present your products in style with unique presentation hangers.
  • Hang Tags -- From simple branding to sizing and other information, we give your items a convenient tag that adds polish in the customer’s eyes.
  • Labels -- Take advantage of our sizing and UPC labels to give your packaging a store-ready finish.
  • Branded Product Displays -- We offer both “PDQ” and pallet-based displays that put your product in a prominent place for prospective customers to discover.